Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vixen's Mixens: Wintry Mix

Now that snow is falling outside, I finally feel that winter has come to New England. Although I am usually anti-snow, as it is a Saturday and I don't have any big plans I can sit back and just appreciate the beauty of it. Ask me again how I feel after I have to clear my car and shovel myself out and you may get a different answer. But for now I am in full Lorelei Gilmore snow love.

To honor this unusual change in my mood I decided to post my long-developing Wintry Mix. I started this playlist about two years ago on (eek) iTunes and have been tweeking it ever since. Transferring it to Spotify made me obsess even more since I could add a gajillion songs that were not in my local files.

The majority of the songs on the playlist directly reference the winter, being cold, snow and ice, such as the obvi Hipster winter anthem White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. Then there are some that just evoke the winter sensibility, such as Lykke Li's I Know Places and PJ Harvey's Beautiful Feeling. This mix is at times melancholy and lonely, but at other times warm and joyful, which is to be expected during the winter. I invite you to sip on some hot cocoa, stare out your window at the snowflakes falling and enjoy the tunes.