Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You're Gonna Love My Nuts

Thanks to Halah for posting this on the FB. I am totally in love with this Dance Remix to the Slap Chop infomercial. Steve Porter, whoever you are, I Salute you.

Julia F***ing Roberts

Enjoy this amazing tribute speech to Tom Hanks by Julia Roberts where she drops the F-bomb like crazy and references Rita Wilson's "tits." Class act!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Open Heart" aka Balls on Top of Ass

Is it just me or does Jane Seymour's "Open Heart" design look just like balls on top of ass? The middle pic looks like ass to ass balls on ass. Sorry, but I would slap my huband if he bought me a balls on ass necklace...or laugh in his face and ask about the return policy. Who knew Dr. Quinn was so dirty.

Monday, April 27, 2009

CeDeLiGa Update: GAME ON!

The Celebrity Death List Game just got interesting! I was very sad to hear about the passing of the amazingly talented and funny Bea Arthur; however with her passing came the awarding of the first point of the year! And that point goes to me!!!! I had her on my list last year and I stuck with her and it paid off. Patience can work in the CeDeLiGa. There is only two Golden Girls left and one of them is on my remaining list (I'm looking at you Betty!) Roger was shocked that Bea beat Swayze and Ted Kennedy to the grave, but he will have to deal.

But seriously I am really sad that Bea Arthur is gone. I am a huge "Golden Girls" fan and Dorothy Zbornak was by far my favorite character. She was the original fierce ~ she was bold, intelligent and bitingly funny.

Norman Lear took a chance on Bea when she was in her 50s and straight out of the theater. He put her up against Archie Bunker in "All In the Family," as his super liberal cousin, who was able to finally give a voice to the opposition of Archie's staunch conservatism. He (Norman) and America loved her so much that she was given her own spin off sitcom, "Maude." "Maude" was an extremely groundbreaking and important show in TV history. Its uniquely ultra-liberal message, including a two-parter where Maude decides to have an abortion (which aired two months before Roe V. Wade decision), was shocking and surprising popular. The show was in the top ten for the majority of its run.

Dylan (the General) and I sang "Thank You For Being a Friend" when we heard of her passing on Saturday, as a tribute to the great lady. Bea Arthur was awesome. I will miss her. Score one for me:-(

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost: the true hero

Call me insane, but I have a theory about Lost. A true, real, solid theory. Each season, each episode makes me feel more confident on my theory, and I am not going to let it go. Sorry, guys, but I think we should rethink Lost from the beginning. The one, true hero of Lost, the man that is saving the world, one necessary homicide at a time, is...

Benjamin Linus.

Yes, it is true. Ben is the true hero in Lost. Smokey the monster says so. He is not the master manipulator; he is convincing. He is iluminating. He is working and making all work to save the Island and the world from the evil Charles Whitmore, that lazy psycho that is Jack Sheppard, and that whiny annoying fuckup that Kate has become.

Yeah, he murders. Whatever. Ben Linus is our man. He is our savior. Quoting the great Barney Stinson, he is like Hans Gruber: just missunderstood.

The other office sitcom: Better Off Ted

"The Office" is a wonderful sitcom. It is loopy, nicely embarrassing, painfully insensitive and strangely poignant and grounded in real, slightly insane human beings. For all the insanity, however, it somewhat grounded in reality. The world needed more workplace comedy. More office insanity. This time, however, it could not be grounded by reality or common sense.

Enter "Better Off Ted", the delightfully berserk office nightmarish comedy of R+D doom. Think "30 Rock" meets "Office Space" meets "Wild Science", only with more cryogenic experiments on employees. The boss in Veridian Dynamics is not just an evil sociopath; she just believes in herself and modern capitalism a bit too much. Portia De Rossi is just awesome as a completely demented careerist that you can only admire: no one is that ruthless without being friggin' awesome.

The show is still young, mind you; it is not yet flawless. "The Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother" and "30 Rock" are still funnier. This is sitcom word, however; good comedies only start reaching full potential after 10-15 episodes, when the writers get a hang on what makes characters tick and what ideas can really drive the show. After all, BBT was not Sheldon-centric from the get go; it takes a bit to see what works.

"Ted", however, has a ton of things that are great, and getting better. Portia De Rossi is just perfect; the show can not have enough of her. Andrea Anders is funny, and can play insanity like the best. And any show that parodies the overleveraged finance industry, military procurement, happy pills and corporate discipline on drugs in a single episode is definetely going places.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reasons to Watch BBC America

Ashes to Ashes - The chemistry between Alex Drake and Gene Hunt is almost as amazing as the soundtrack to this trippy series where a police office shot in 2008 wakes up in 1981.

Mistresses - So many crazy, naughty and funny things happen in every episode! It is so addicting. And Domenic (the co-worker Siobhan started nailing when her perfect husband was too technical in the sack because they were trying to get preggers, who of course gets her pregnant instead of her sterile husband - this was in like 3 episodes) is waaaay hot.

Gavin & Stacey - By far the sweetest, funniest, crassest and adorable sitcom I have ever seen. I seriously adore this show - thankfully the shows creators Ruth Jones (Nessa) and James Cordon (Smithy) are working on series 3!! The Welsh accents of Nessa and Bryn kill me - Whats occurin? Thats crackin. Can't embed but check out the link.

BBC America lets me release me true anglophile self. I do believe that all of these shows will be available to purchase from the bbcamerica shopat some point. Please take a look if you can!

Dollhouse and Stockholm Syndrome

Joss Whedon´s Dollhouse is a show that was just kinda good when it started, and it has been getting steadily better ever since. The last few episodes I have watched (my DVR has a few waiting to be enjoyed, so please, no spoilers) have been from very good to just plain awesome, and the mythology of the whole thing keeps getting deeper and deeper, and more and more engaging. It is a worthy successor to Buffy and Firefly, that´s for sure.

Of course, we all know how things went with Firefly, and that brings me to my point: why the hell Whedon went back to Fox for his new show? The network is notoriously fickle with their scheduling, and horribly prone to kill, maim and mutilate shows that do not open to good ratings. Dollhouse is on the Friday evening slot of doom that sent Firefly to the scrap heap, and it feels like Fox are starting to think along the same lines regarding the new show.

The whole thing is kinda ironic. Whedon writes a show about people with their minds erased kidnapped in a beatiful house. He proceeds to pitch it around, and ends up going to the place that had him locked in a crappy timeslot and did an horrible job selling and pushing his last show.

Oh well. I am just awesome picking shows to follow that get cancelled shortly afterwards. The problem is that if the show gets canned, it is in part Fox´s fault; they insisted on delaying mythology episodes to the end of the season, forcing a very contrived pilot that was plainly hard to follow, and generally making their usual horrible job selling the show. Worse still, Dollhouse is not an expensive franchise like Terminator is, so they are probably even more reluctant to give the show a shot. Just sad.

Let´s hope it survives; it is surely worth it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Southland Proves Worthy of the ER Time Slot

The premier of Southland aired last night during the 10pm (EST) Must See TV Thursday time slot that ER had held since 1994 (that makes me feel old.) I am happy to report that the show fills those shoes quite comfortably - especially since it has so many wonderful similarities. My chart below should help:

It is no surprise that the Producer of Southland, John Wells, also produced...wait for it...ER!! The pilot episodes of both series revolve around a rookie's first day. Officer Sherman shoots and kills a perp at the end of his first day and there is a nice shot of him staring over the body contemplating in shock what he has done. When his superior officer sees him like that he pulls him aside and give him a great speech, "[...]This is a front row seat to the greatest show on earth [...]. Yes sir, you can and you will, I guarantee it. Because it is relentless and it gets to you. And it seems like it changes nothing, but a day like today, with some interesting capers and a few good arrests...that's good. But every once in a while you get to take a bad guy off the streets for good and that my friend is God's work. Now you wanna be a pussy and quit, then you quit. You're a cop because you don't know how not to be one. Feel that're a cop. If you don''re not. You decide."

On Dr. Carter's first day he sees a lot of crazy shit and ends up getting sick at the end of the day. He goes outside for air and is followed out by his superior, Dr. Greene, who gives him a great speech, "See there's two kinds of doctors. There's the kind that get rid of their feelings and the kind that keeps them. If you're gonna keep your feelings, you're gonna get sick from time to time."

You gotta love it when TV recycles!! How green(e) of them!