Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost: the true hero

Call me insane, but I have a theory about Lost. A true, real, solid theory. Each season, each episode makes me feel more confident on my theory, and I am not going to let it go. Sorry, guys, but I think we should rethink Lost from the beginning. The one, true hero of Lost, the man that is saving the world, one necessary homicide at a time, is...

Benjamin Linus.

Yes, it is true. Ben is the true hero in Lost. Smokey the monster says so. He is not the master manipulator; he is convincing. He is iluminating. He is working and making all work to save the Island and the world from the evil Charles Whitmore, that lazy psycho that is Jack Sheppard, and that whiny annoying fuckup that Kate has become.

Yeah, he murders. Whatever. Ben Linus is our man. He is our savior. Quoting the great Barney Stinson, he is like Hans Gruber: just missunderstood.

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  1. kate (aka freckles) is the biggest fuckup ever- so useless. this season is incred- horrendous flashback wigs and all- wish i could watch with you!