Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best Potter Movie Yet?

Yup, I am a dorky-ass Harry Potter Fanatic. Last night we went to see the Half Blood Prince and we arrived a half hour early thinking it was pretty early. Not so much. The line to get into the theater was out the door and beginning to round the block when we arrived. By the time we got in the best seats we could find were in the fourth row. But we did not care (hell it was like a bootleg IMAX). The whole audience was ravenous for some Potter!!!

The movie, in my opinion, is the best Potter movie yet. Adaptation-wise, there were definite ommisions (some good, some bad) and additions (most of which were good), but for three distinct reasons the movie worked:

CAST/ACTING: The three leads (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson) have all grown leaps and bounds as actors. They are so much more natural and you can see their natural comraderie that only comes from working with one another for years. The supporting cast is amazing as always. The new addition of Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn was perfection.

HUMOR: This is by far the funniest of the Potter flicks. If I am not mistaken, some of the cheeky lines that got the biggest laughs were not even from the books. The screenwriters should be commended. Slughorn and Luna have some of the juciest comic bits, but teenagers in love/lust are funny enough on their own.

MATERIAL: After rereading the last couple books, although I have strong feelings for Goblet of Fire, Half Blood Prince is the best of the series. It strikes a wonderful balance of mystery, humor, dread, hormones and sadness.

If you aren't a dorky-ass Potter fan I really think you will still enjoy this movie. I think I will be giving it a repeat viewing in the theater myself. If anything, this movie has gotten me out of my Twilight stupor. Go Potter!!


  1. I'm so happy to hear this. I was so incredibly disappointed with O of the P, i was really worried when it was announced that he is directing all of the rest of the movies. There aren't any awkward sitting-around-a-fire-laughing-at-each-other-for-no-reason scenes, are there?

  2. That was my favourite scene in Phoenix! (I mean it; I loved the interaction)

  3. There is just one - but it is much much shorter. Their acting is so much better in this one, I swear!

  4. Would I still like if I have only watched the first movie (and read the first book)? Laia

  5. My reaction to the movie *exasperated sigh*. That's it.

  6. WTF?! How could you not love it?!! And Laia, I honestly dont know if you would enjoy it going in cold. Possibly? You should read the books!!!!!!!