Monday, September 21, 2009

The XFactor in Operation Triumph

I have to confess that when it comes to Operacion Triunfo (literally, “Operation Triumph”, the Spanish version of Star Academy), my musical taste goes gaga. So, please, tell me, isn’t she AWESOME?! Isn’t her performance (not only her voice) AWESOME?

One is left wondering her age, and lets face it, she can be anything from 20 – 45…but she is SIXTEEN! Yet she seems to have more balls in her voice than Bono, and more purr in her performance than Patti Smith! She was 7th among the finalists…poor girl, yet she is a winner in our books. As for the videos – straight to the Dept. of Awesome, right?!

The final curtain (singing her swan song after having been nominated to leave the academy)

Nav (to a lesser to extent) & Laiona (Nav is embarrassed)


  1. I must admit she is pretty impressive, but she sings Blue Velvet and Have You Ever Seen the Rain exactly the same way. She does have range, and she does have energy, but she is not changing her register. It is not a big deal (she is only 16!), but she is not mature yet.

    In any case, she is way too raw and agressive for Operacion Triunfo. I really like that in a singer, but there´s no way that the average OT voter will like this. It is too close to real music. It is too good.

  2. She is really cool, despite looking exactly like Mary Lou Retton. Its funny because American Idol had an awesome 16yr old with a crazy mature rock voice this past season as well. She did a little better and came in third. Here is a clip of her singing in the finale with Cindi Lauper.