Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vixen's Mixens: Jealous Much?

After reading this awesome post on Rookie, called Getting Over Girl Hate, I was inspired to make a Spotify playlist of songs about girls v. girls, called Jealous Much?. All of these songs center around rampant jealousy and a general, "stay away from my man" mentality. To tell the truth, as in life, most of the tunes are about a woman's fear of losing her man to another woman - and the girl on girl hatred that follows.

It must be noted that country and hip-hop artists cover this topic most often (and the best.) How can you top Loretta Lynn's You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man? Ummm well maybe if you are Khia, talkin' 'bout them Jealous Girls. I even included the hilarious Jealousy by THE Paris Hilton, cuz it is an amazing Nicole Richie smack down (love the House of Harlow jewelry line btw Nicole - nothin' but love for ya.)

Hopefully the amazing showing of girl power from this year's Emmy broadcast (in case you missed it - makes me cry every time) and the killer box office from Bridesmaids shows that we are moving in the right direction, ladies. No need to hate on one another. There is room for all of us to be awesome - and plenty of men to go around. Hopefully someday we will live in world without these types of songs. But until then, the dramatic cattiness is kind of fun;-)

This is a work in progress - I know there are more songs that fit into this category out there! Send me your suggestions please! As for next week's playlist theme: Thanksgiving Dinner. Songs about the food we love to eat on Thanksgiving Day. Until then!