Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ABC or Always Be Cancelling

The TV industry is releasing their fall line ups, and you all know what that means...the AXE is out! Sometimes TV execs do the right thing and put struggling (aka horrible) shows out of their misery. For example Cupid is out (thank God) as well as Knight Rider (thank Kit). However there are always some shows that get the axe before their full potential is realized (or even after their full potential is realized ala Arrested Development). This year is no different.

Per usual ABC is one of the worst offenders. Officially canceled shows include Pushing Daisies (which we knew some time ago but it is still very very painful), Samantha Who?, Dirty Sexy Money and the very promising The Unusuals (poor Amber Tamblyn - she has been through this before with Joan of Arcadia). Although I did not care for it, Eli Stone also got chopped and that show has a weird, unexplainable cult following (I think Katie Holmes' guest spot cursed the show).

I have decided that once Lost is over I am going to take a break from ABC. The only new show they kept that I care anything about is Better Off Ted and that almost did not make it. However Wife Swap and the Bachelor were sure things. Sometimes I am sad to be an American.

I was actually shocked to hear that Fox was not the worst offender this year. They actually did Joss Whedon fans a solid by keeping Dollhouse for at least 13 more episodes and they held on to Fringe, which really blossomed by the end of the season. Maybe they are coming to their senses finally?


  1. I must say, the Always Be Canceling is really funny. Sad, but funny. ABC has an awful track record or late; remember that they axed "Life on Mars" as well, a show that was pretty damn good, getting better, and had to rush to a really absurd finale when they pulled the trigger on them.

    I can´t believe Lost made it for this long. I guess that the trick these days is opening with one of the best pilots ever; they never let you have second chances.

  2. This year, I'm going to hate NBC for cancelling "Kings". I know nobody watched it, but it was the best show in the season.

  3. So Fringe actually got interesting at the end of the season? What changed on it? I watched two early episodes, then gave up on it. Too many clichés, too much of the usual procedural formula and overall a bad attempt to revive X files. If it was not cancelled, I suspect it is just to not appear like idiots immediately after the ton of hype they tried to build around it.