Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vixen's Mixens: Jeepers Creepers

Just in time for Halloween comes this week's installment of Vixen's Mixens: Jeepers Creepers. There is not much to say about this crop of songs, other than they are filled with references to: blood, knives, ghosts, monsters and many more spooky subjects.

I would have to say the oddest tune amongst this bunch is Satan is Real by the Louvin Brothers. This song is a warning to those who may not realize that Satan, in fact, is very real. But according to the LBros, don't fear - God is real too. Mostly I love it because of the ridiculously amazing cover art, as seen to my left.

Anyhow - please enjoy! It was a fun one to make. Next week's playlist theme is the first in my Anglophile series, 60s Brits.

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