Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vixen's Mixens: My Poppin' Hip Hoppin' 90s

This weeks theme may be one of the funnest I have done: My Poppin' Hip Hoppin' 90s. Enough distance has passed where these mostly overplayed songs no longer annoy me and now have that excellent retro sheen.

Big thanks to my FB peeps for filling in the massive gaping holes my memory left behind, especially PM Dawn (Mary Beth's hubby Chris), Kriss Kross (my girl Poots), Right Said Fred (Sara L.), Salt-N-Pepa (My friend and neighbor Katie C.), and countless artists from my bro Dylan and my bestie Beana.

Seriously -put on your belly shirts and baggy jeans (with condoms pinned to them if your name is T-Boz) and party like its 1990-1999.

Next week's theme: Jeepers Creepers. A "killer" playlist for your Halloween parties.

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