Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crushing souls, one bone at a time

We are really, really, really behind in Oscar movie watching, so forgive me if this comment is oh-so-2008. Anyway, we watched The Wrestler this evening, and yes, it is indeed very good movie. Great, even, perhaps even a masterpiece. I really can´t tell right now. The film is so fucking depressing, so soul crushingly painful, so saddening, so desperately sad that I can barely gather the strength to write about it.

Holy Christ, is the Wrestler brutal. It definetely takes out all those little good feelings and hope and fuzzy little memories of teddy bears and kittens and babies that you have in your little soul, brings them to a dark, back alley, and fucking kicks their asses and suplexes and bodyslams them into a pulp until the only thing you want to do is go to a corner and cry, as your only remaining memories involve creepy clowns and roadkill.

In any case, yes, Rourke is great; he was born to play this role. The two unsung heroes of the movie, however are Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei, who are absolutely wonderful. Well, in Tomei´s case she not only is wonderful but actually really, really hot. And not that unsung, either; she got her Oscar nod.

To sum up: yes, the movie is really worth watching. Get ready to some hardcore desperation and hopelesness, in any case; althought considering the director´s filmography, this is Aranofsky most uplifting film.

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