Friday, January 16, 2009

I Want It!!! I Want It Now!!!

I pride myself on keeping my finger on the pulse of the "As Seen on TV" schwag, yet I am never one to actually purchase any of that crap. I did come very close many many times however. Case in point: the Magic Bullet, Egg Wave, GT Express, OvGlove, ShamWow Super Shammy...I could go on. I even considered the Kinoki Foot pads for sheer curiosity. I did purchase BareMinerals makeup, but I bought it from Sephora so I do not consider it a true "As Seen On TV" product (it has evolved).

Yet now there is one product I have heard about that I do not believe I will be able to resist. The Slanket. Yes people, the Slanket - the blanket with sleeves. I am a hard core blanket person from way back. As we keep the heat in our apartment set to "just high enough to avoid freezing pipes," I am always bundled up under one. Unfortunately blankets have one major flaw: when you need to hold a book or change the channel your arms become exposed to the elements! I refuse to pass the remote to my husband for fear of a cable news onslaught, so I just let my poor arms suffer.

The Slanket is the answer to my prayers!!!! It is ingenious!!!! I can guarantee that Barney Stinson owns one, as he is a Sky Mall addict. One problem though. The Slanket is pricey. $44.99 is a bit outside of my budget for "As Seen on TV" schwag (aka my husband won't let me spend that kind of money on a blanket no matter how many times I tell him that it is not a blanket, it's a Slanket). And I do not want to go for the cheap imitation either. The Snuggie does not have the same ring that the Slanket has. My only option is to wear my husband down. I reference the Slanket at least once a day. It is getting under his skin. I will have my Slanket. I will.


  1. we have talked about this at work a few times. and i have to say. after seeing the picture, for $44.99, its totaly worth it. ease up roge!!

  2. I, as you well know, am also a "As Seen On TV" wishful thinking whore. OvGlove-want it, Sham Wow- want it, Magic Bullet- HAVE IT, BareMinderals-HAVE IT AND WILL NEVER GIVE IT UP!! (until I get wrinkles, because it makes my mom look scary)

    I am with you. The Slanket will save you tens of dollars every month in heating expenses. It practically pays for itself!!

    Plus, Jenny Sterling got one for christmas (A different, way better brand from Macy's) and it is AMAZING.

    Take you wallet out of your ass Roge, and get a slanket....better yet, a set of slankets!


  3. Qvc cheaper slankets!!! name brand