Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hot Jams

i'm a music whore. i just need to get that out. indie, pop, rap, r & b, bluegrass, jam, techno. you name it, i love it. and respect if for what its worth (for instance, we would never compare britney spears to tori amos, who does that???)

yet i generally change what i'm listening to every few weeks. i find something i like, then i play the shit out of it for a few weeks before i move onto something else. this has been going on since i was about 14.

well, here i am to tell you about the current shit (aka hot jams) that i am listening to in hopes that you will also fall in love with them.

ra ra riot

p.s. i love you

they totally played at the siren music festival on coney island last summer and i went and didnt see their show. here it is the frigid month of february, and HOT DAMN do i regret missing that.

the leader singer is possibly the coolest guy that i havent met. and the band in general looks like a bunch of indie rock college kids (umm they play cello's and violins) totally having an indie rock dance party extravaganza. this is the kind of music that you try to listen to while doing dishes and end up having a dance party in your kitchen. so right now my fav tracks are "can you tell", "run my mouth" and "too too too fast".

and now, for your viewing pleasure, the dish doing dance song of the week......."too too too fast"

if this video didnt convince you then i dont know what will. this song is from their first and only full length album "the rhumb line" and its super amazing.

so get in the damn kitchen and dance.


  1. Capitalization is your friend.

    You know, that key with an arrow that says "shift". That one.

  2. is this my english teacher? how the hell did you find me here.

    p.s. bitch

  3. It is someone that appreciates good grammar. Makes things easier to read, you know. Now get your ass to capitalize shit.


  4. freedom of expression

    thats all i'm saying

    u punk