Saturday, February 21, 2009

Workship primer: Watchmen

Just a quick note: get ready for some messy drooling coming this way in the upcoming weeks. Watchmen, the Hamlet, Citizen Kane and Don Quixote of comic books all rolled into one, is finally getting its movie adaptation, and I can´t fucking wait to watch it.

Not that I expect it to be a great film, mind you. Even with a running time of 2h 40 minutes, Watchmen is dense the same way a season of Lost is dense; it has a ton of background, flashbacks, details and minimalistic clues in every page. After all, Lost owes its structure to Watchmen a great deal. To make things worse, the dialogue is much more elaborate and literary than any TV show out there, so I don´t really know how they will get the whole thing to squeeze in a single movie.

I will write more on Watchmen in the coming weeks; it is, after all, one of my favorite books of all time. It is not just a graphic novel, that´s for sure; its influence goes well beyond the geek ghetto of comics. One could write books just about Rorschach, after all. More soon.

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