Saturday, February 7, 2009

U2, that sham

In one of our frequent and deep, reasoned, magnificent conversations on all things cultural here at the Dump World HQ (aka the dumpster) we just reached this conclusion: U2 are a sham.

Case in point: what album is usually considered to be U2 seminal, classic, ultra-awesome album? Legends say that Joshua Tree is the holy grail of all things Bono; their creative peak. Well, let me offer a track list, and please, be sincere: how many songs do you remember?

1. "Where the Streets Have No Name"
2. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
3. "With or Without You"
4. "Bullet the Blue Sky"
5. "Running to Stand Still"
6. "Red Hill Mining Town"
7. "In God's Country"
8. "Trip Through Your Wires"
9. "One Tree Hill"
10. "Exit"
11. "Mothers of the Disappeared"

Here is the cruel truth: there are only three good songs. Four, if you catched "Bullet the Blue Sky" on the B-side on the greatest hits or something. The famed Joshua Tree is actually three (amazing, mind blowing, absolutely classic) singles and a whole ton of filer.

Do you thing Joshua Tree is the only one? Check the track list of pretty much any album from them. Bono manages to squeeze two or three stunning songs on each CD, and the just vomits his way until the end of the album. This is a band that has writen songs called "Elvis Presley and America", for fuck's sake. With the possible exception of All That You Can't Leave Behind (and even there you find some amazing turds, like the inane and self important "When I Look at the World") every single album is either half finished or gets clobbered on the way to release by Bono's gigantic ego.

I would get into the dangers are perils of Bono Syndrome and other types of music megalomania in another post, but you know, "Miss Sarajevo" and all that.

In any case, U2 are an awesome band... an awesome greatest hits band. If you are a bit patient, you will be more than well served by sitting out their albums and waiting until the end of the decade, when they release a compilation. Bono will still make sure that there are at least a couple of turdtastic songs on the CD (hello, "When Love Comes to Town") and an irrelevant B-sides companion (so you know, don't but the deluxe edition), but you will get a great seat of absolutely magnificent songs.

They should release them on Rock Band. The bastards.

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