Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random caffeine-fueled mussings

  • Dear EW:we are finally caught up with Battlestar Galactica. The last two episodes were much less exciting (albeit still totally awesome) thanks to your wonderful spoilers, thank you very much.
  • Why Orlando Bloom still has a career? He is a talent of Zellwegerian proportions. And no, being in the LOTR movies doesn´t give you a pass. Even playing an inmortal elf not prone to sentimentality, he was still terrible in many scenes there.
  • Keeping with EW, their videogame reviews are pretty terrible. You are not supposed to review gaming using movie-based criteria; it is a completely different medium. I won´t claim that videogame reviews are a settled matter (gaming sites use a wildly inconsistent set of criteria) but the focus should be in mechanics and player interaction with the medium, not on how-movie-like the game is. Prince of Persia is not a bad game, but its main innovation / drawback (depends on who you ask) is that it takes a lot of control away from the player. You must mention that in a review.
  • Oh, and it´s me, or Lost has been pretty lame so far this season. For some reason it is not really getting me the same way. Of course, the season finale last year was stellar, having a killer build up and all, so it could be a matter of expectations. The thing is, there are so many things in the process of being answered right now that I am deadly afraid that some of them will lead to disappointing anwers. I have faith in you, Lost, but I am scared. Please, don´t disappoint.

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  1. I gave up with videogame reviews some years ago. Today, 80 % of the videogame industry is focused on graphics (more exactly, on how real do the heroine's bubs move due to inertia) while only 20 % actually searches proactively if something is fun or not or how much real gameplay innovation it has. Of course, reviewers are already used to this. Call me old shcool, but I think that the ultimate consequence of more complex graphics is having less videogames per year without the quality hasn't gotten that better.