Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Update 1

Red Carpet Time!!! First of all - Lisa Rinna on the TV Guide network looks crazy scary! Her big injected lips are pale so she looks a special brand of cracked out. Not to mention her and Joey Fatone have zero personality interviewing the celebs. The questions have been mind numbingly pathetic - even for the dumbed down LA crowd.

CNN's red carpet coverage is not much better. They have all of the action shown in two small boxes on the screen so you have to squint to see the starletts on the carpet. And they never tell you who you are looking at, which makes deciphering who the hell's back you are looking at impossible.

Unfortunately E! comes in like crap on our tv (thanks comcast!) so I have no critiques for their pre-show. Although Julianna DiPandi-Rancic annoys the hell out of me so no loss really.

Biggest red carpet pre-show pet peeve...when Angelina and Brad show up the cameras never leave their sight. Sorry, her dress and make up are boring. I would rather see what Taraji Henson is wearing.

Now the Official pre-show is on with Robin Roberts and Tim Gunn - a definite improvement. And Robin Roberts went with the coral JCrew dress which makes me happy. BTDubs - best dressed man so far is Robert Downey Jr. by far.

As for the ladies - my predictions are quite good - Anne Hathaway looks phenomenal, as does Kate Winslet. I stand by me. Although big ups to Diane Lane, Penelope Cruz and Evan Rachel Wood (more for the hair and makeup than the dress). I am torn about Marissa Tomei's dress. The color does not translate on screen but the cut is very glamorous. I forgot to mention that Natalie portman looked fab - the color is probably the boldest of the evening (other than Alicia Keys - but I was not a fan of her look.) Beyonce I am also a bit torn about. It is very va-va-voom but the print is kinda like an egyptian bedroom duvet cover. Amy Adams dress is very pretty but I think the "necklace" (more like bib) is a bit tooooo much. Especially since the detailing on the dress stands alone. Anyhow - the show is about to begin!!

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