Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Just Read it For the Articles...

As almost all Americans know, Super Bowl was this past Sunday. Of course I made a sickening amount of appetizers and settled in to watch the game with my husband. Well actually I read a book (Julie & Julia - which I loved btdubs) and only looked up when Roger yelled "Commercials!" Because seriously, does anyone realllllly want to watch the game.

First things first - Budweiser sucked the big one this year. Maybe I am just cynical but I thought the Clydesdale commercials were lame/pathetic/pandering pieces of clydesdale-sized turd. The Bud light commercials were sliiiiightly better - but they honestly need to fire their ad peeps. Their humor is so 5 years ago and, similar to Mike Myers, we just don't find you funny anymore.

For me the highlights were the Career Builder ad where the koala bear wearing glasses gets punched in the face, the Doritos ad (which was submitted by regular peeps) where the guy throws the snowglobe into the vending machine, and the Hulu.com ad where we learn the truth about Alec Baldwin...he is an alien.

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