Sunday, February 22, 2009

More random Oscar fartage

1. Benjamin Button has a better art direction than Dark Knight? Really? Really?

2. Happy that Penelope won. The movie was woefuly underrated, I must say. The academy only remembers Woody when he is quoting Bergman. Yeah, "Annie Hall" won, but in the 70s they were on drugs.

3. Talking about nobodies, the creep from Twilight is up there pretending the movie was any good. And introducing a pointless montage on love or something.

4. The more I see the gorgeous clips from WALL-E, the more I believe it deserved better than best animation. The second half of the movie is not as brilliant as the perfect first 45 min, but is a masterpiece anyway.

5. Hugh Jackman is awesome, but Ms. Hathaway... Marry me!

6. Ben Stiller as the Joaquin-on-drugs. Fucking awesome.

7. On a sidenote, did you know that "Gran Torino" has made more than $120 million? And my wife doesn't want to go see it!

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