Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Update 5

The Pineapple Express comedy short was excellent. Comparing The Love Guru with Slumdog Millionaire was inspired.

We are getting into the heavy commercial section of the evening. Less show more breaks. Uggh.

Musical number!! Here comes Beyonce in a slinky red number. Hugh Jackman is both affable and charming as I predicted. I think Beyonce is lip sinking. WTF? Ok -random cameos by the high school musical douches. As well as Amanda Seyfried and the hottie boy from Mamma Mia. Not sure why they needed the marching band, but I'll just go with it since Baz choregraphed that little number.

The Best supporting actor award is going the same way as the actress - old winners coming out to talk about how wonderful the nominees are, blah blah blah. Not a big fan of this set up. Cuba Gooding Jr.'s bit about RDJ was pretty good though. Not surprisingly Heath Ledger wins. So so so sad that he is not here. Question of the day posed by fellow blogger from WTF - Would he have won - or even been nominated - if he had not died? I am a strong believer that he would have - especially since he didn't win for Brokeback. The Academy has a way of paying you back for past performances, aka Renee Zellwegger for Cold Mountain (payback for Chicago) and Nicole Kidman for the Hours (payback for Moulin Rogue). She is skeptical because comic book flicks tend to be ignored. Discuss.

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  1. I stand by the fact that he would not have won if he was present. While I think he probably deserved to win, the fact is that comic book movies are inevitably snubbed. Even though he was unfairly snubbed for Brokeback, I think that the Academy would have not given him the nod to make up for their gay guilt because they had themselves plenty of gayness in Sean Penn (and hollywood really loves the gays, let's go america, catch up to your idols)

    So, that's what I think. wtf