Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Other Woman

As we have all been hearing on the news, Chris Brown allegedly (ummm definitely) hit his girlfriend while having an argument. This would be horrible news by itself, but the fact that his girlfriend is the well loved Rihanna makes this story the stuff of Ike Turner legends.

From what the gossip rags have been saying, the two went to the Clive Davis preGrammy party, wherein Rihanna became jealous of the attention Chris was paying to another hot female celeb. Supposedly Rihanna saw Chris with his hand on the small of this other woman's back. How stupid can CB be??? You are supposed to only hit on women when your girlfriend is off touring!!!

Soooooo.....Rihanna is already mega-jeal but then they drive home and CB gets a call on his cell. Wouldn't you know it is the mystery "other" woman!!!!! This is when the big fight started. They got out of the car. They screamed. He hit. She called the PoPo. There has been a lot of speculation as to who this woman might be. My sources tell me that she is none other than the hottie from across the pond...Leona Lewis. Rihanna is the one who is literally Bleeding Love now. Thanks Leona.

The saddest bit of this story is that Chris Brown is someone who witnessed abuse first hand. His mother used to get beat by his stepdad. In an interview with MTV Chris once said, "I used to always feel the hate for anybody that disrespected a lady. Or called a lady the B-word ... or just disrespected her." He said that witnessing his mother's abuse was, "an influence in me about how to treat a woman." I guess like stepfather like son.


  1. Update: My sources tell me that CB's step dad (who is blind, not "legally" blind, but full on needs a cane and can't see crap) flat out denies all allegations of abuse of his mother. He claims that Chris was never happy with him because Chris' biological father "poisoned his mind" by driving it in that he was the reason for CB's parents divorce.

    What a soap opera.

  2. Woah! second update: He is blind because he accidentally shot himself in the face during an argument with CB's mom. This story is getting too complicated.

  3. this whole thing is retarded. i used to love chris brown. now i'm gunna take dump on his car.